Fury Sea

Smash and Grab

The crew proceeded from their drop point into Seattle. After docking, they began working their second job for the trip. A businessman, Jergins, on Hades had asked the crew to retrieve some merchandise that he had ordered. Delivery had been scheduled and missed.
The crew began to recon the location. Salt observing from across the street, Nix and Reef (in cat mode) inside posing as customers, and boiler sending a drone in through the back. It took some time, but Boiler eventually found the cargo, and and Nix met the owner.
Their examination of the security system left them feeling like they needed to know more. They needed transportation from the shop down to the marina. What about Lonestar? The questions went on. Eventually, they decided on a less direct approach. Email. The team sent an email to the proprietor explaining the situation and what needed to happen. The proprietor tried to dodge, and explain away what happened. The crew got mean, threatening the man if he did not cooperate. In the end they came to a deal. The crew paid for some lost investment in the current cargo and the next few shipment for Jergins would at a cut rate, and Rapture’s Raft would be the first option for shipping.
When they shared the deal with Jergins he was ecstatic.



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