Fury Sea


And Salvage

The crew sailed out of Seattle with cargo on board and decided to do a little salvage work on the way back to Hades. Reef disguised the boat as a yacht on a party cruise.
Boiler located a likely looking piece of salvage on the ocean floor. Probably an Ares boat taking cargo somewhere. Reef and Salt, using Reef’s magic, turned into a pair of deep water beasties and went to explore the wreck. On the wreck they found some of the cargo was intact, and an underwater sled seemed valuable. While trying to determine what the cargo was, Boiler noticed an approaching boat and encouraged the divers to hurry. With the time constraints, Reef and Salt could not bring the cargo and the sled to the surface, so the chose the sled.
As they changed back and got aboard, the other vessel closed and prepared to open fire. Salt sent Rapture’s Raft away as fast as possible, while Boiler readied the GUN. A few exchanges of gunfire later, and the other vessel was sinking splinters with only a few survivors.
After some tense negotiation, the pirate survivors were brought aboard, then abandoned at the Auction House when the crew returned to Hades.



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