Fury Sea

Good Old Fashion Smuggling

A Run In With the Law

The crew met a an ass in a bar called Styx. Before taking a bottle of champagne from them, and sampling the night life on Hades, He hired the crew to transport some cargo from an atol to the main land south of Seattle.
The crew gathered the cargo easily and ran into no problems sailing to the main land. When they arrived they confirmed the identity using an archaic call and answer system. Nyx went ashore alone to make contact and secure the payment.
As soon as the cargo was unloaded Lonestar burst over the dunes to interrupt. Gunfire rang out and Nyx was covered in the contacts blood. She ran for the launch, only to be shot herself. People were dying or being arrested all around, but Nyx made it to one of the boats brought by the recipients and high tailed it back toward Rapture’s Raft. Reef covered her escape, knocking himself and EVERYONE ELSE on the beach unconscious.
The crew broke contact with the Lonestars and got away with their payment.



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